“«Life flows through our body».The human being is a perfect model of the universe, all that exists in the universe is composed of 5 elements and their properties are essential to understand the harmony or imbalance of the human body. Associated to Ayurveda, each stone corresponds to one of the 5 elements: earth, water, wind, fire, and space.  
Brass plated in 18k gold
Stones: Citrine (Yellow) Onyx (Green) Garnet (Red) Moonstone (White) Lapislazzuli (Blue)
Cuff Diameter S ( 58 mmX45 mm) M ( 58 mmX50 mm)
Weight(GM) 14.00
Delivered in a pouch to protect your jewelry on a daily basis. This pouch is made from waste fabric by Afghan women who are part of an NGO working with refugees. ”

Jonc 5 Éléments Winter

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